Sunday, 28 September 2014



         Hack Beatz is a web designing agency in Vizag and Hyderabad.We started with logo
 designing and trying to move forward in different areas.Our intention was not exactly to do business but to bring an awareness about different oppurtunities in rural areas."DREAM BIG TO ACHIEVE BIG" is our main motto and we are not only limited with the class room studies but we make the things happen by exploring new things..
        Our journey began with the Interactive session on FOSS and SEO conducted on 20th september at S.R.K.R Engineering college in Bhimavaram.I had attented a class where i saw many enthusiasts to learn something new.Finally we have decided to conduct an Interactive session in that college..

        On 19th september,It was raining heavily,We rushed into the train from vizag and we were in the college at 1 in the afternoon .All the arrangements were made and we saw the students studying in the college were eagerly waiting for the interactive session to begin..

         The most awaited day,20th september is infront of us.When we entered the seminar hall with mixed emotions and a little nervousness,we were shocked to see the students who are eagerly waiting for the seminar to start.The heads of the Departments of ECE,CSE and IT branches entered the hall.
         The seminar started with the addressing of the HOD's by Manisha who was one the organiser of the event.

        The speeches given by the HOD's was really impressive and the most of their views were concentrated on developing and modifying today's technology into a much beneficient way..

       The seminar started with a brief introduction about our company.Our projects were displayed and it was all about reaching our goals in a perfect manner.

          After the projects we started our discussion on FOSS(Free and Open Source Software) and gave a detailed information about FOSS which included History,people who developed it,GNU project,GNOME,Organizations and about the Free and Open Source Softwares which work on windows.Later we moved on showing some applications of FOSS and some funny softwares..

          As we all know that none on the earth can wait to have food,Even we were so hungry and our  eyes suddenly spotted traditional light food which was scumptious..

           The second session started with the description about SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and many types of it(i.e from wandex search engine to google)..Later we moved on to Google,Yahoo and MSN overviews.We spoke about several servers and different marketing methods.

          Now it was practical time and we made the students to develop a small webpage and we gave many SEO techniques and students implemented the code by using them

         Eventually the session ended by recaping all the concepts that we had discussed till then.We were honoured with a momento by the college

         We were very delighted to see the success of our Interactive session on FOSS and SEO and we were very thankful to the students who shown the maximum enthusiasm in learning it and our sincere thanks to all the organisers in the college who gave us such a wonderful oppurtunity and supported us.Stay with us to learn and explore something new..